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Manufacture of connectors for cylindrical screeners - Manufacture and fitting of cloth to screener frames - Sale of equipment for industrial screener assemblies for sectors such as : agribusiness, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, paints, inks and colouring, cosmetics, laboratories and metallic powders .


Eléments pour tamiseurs cylindriques
Cylindrical screener elements

In our workshop, we manufacture connecting cuffs for screeners, and candle filters with heat welded edges.

Screener connection cuffs
Manchettes de liaison pour tamiseurs

In our screener assembly shop, we stretch the cloths to any of the screener frame types supplied by our clients: flat, round, square, or rectangular with pneumatic tensors, tension controllers, and resin or welded fixation.

We can also custom manufacture the wooden or steel screenings frames to your dimensions, based on a model or measurements taken at your site.

Assembly of all screen types (synthetic and stainless steel cloth) with controlled tension.

Montages de tous types de tamis (toiles synthétiques
SEFAR Mech + Technology Synthetic
fabric with 5 to 12,500 micron mesh
Bopp Stainless steel fabric with 20 to 16,000 micron mesh

The fabrics we use are in polyamide or polyester fibre, fluorinated resin, carbon and stainless steel. All these fabrics have a square-mesh or rectangular mesh weave with a range of wire diameters depending on the usage in flat, cylindrical or tray screeners. Fabrics are manufactured in widths that enable fitting and retrofitting on to large screener frames.

Our range of fabrics addresses all industrial requirements (from 20 microns to 2.5 millimetres and above). These fabrics are sold either stretched on a frame or to cut lengths.