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BUISINE is a publicly owned company with a capital of Euros 526,895.
SIRET identification number: 402 395 453 00028 - APE (activity) code: 175G

Our goal
To ensure that the quality of all our products and services gives complete satisfaction to our current and prospective customers. Premium quality raw materials, a thorough grasp of procedure, competitive lead times and flexibility are our main assets.
Our quality organisation and concern for constant progress have been rewarded by ISO 9001 certification, delivered by France's AFAQ quality organisation.

Our products
All types of connections, sifting machines, press and multi-bag filters, centrifuges, and flexible silos custom-made to your specifications - textile ventilation and air-conditioning hoses - fabric fitting and retrofitting of screening frames - trading of synthetic and stainless steel woven cloths with calibrated mesh - screening frames and filtration baskets - non-woven media for ventilation.

Our mission since 1896
Buisine began by specialising in supplies for flour mills and cereal merchants, before deciding, in 1962, to focus on the specific industrial sectors of filtration and screening. Today, Buisine specialises in the supply and processing of fabrics, felts and high-precision engineering media used in filtration, separation, and screening in manufacturing and environmental protection processes, as well as flexible storage (fabric silos) for low-density and powdered products, and the ventilation and air-conditioning of industrial premises.

Our partners
Our constant and committed quest for quality enhancement leads us to work with a large number of suppliers, each specialising in a particular field.
Our top 15 suppliers, in terms of purchased volumes, all have ISO 9001 certification.

Our customers
The food and drinks industry - the chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries - the colouring, lacquer and paints industries - ore processing, separation and processing - abrasives - air and gas filtration - drinking water and waste water filtration (using press and rotary belt filters) - filters for pumps, pressure valves, carburettors - filters for hydraulic and pneumatic circuits - medical use (blood filters) - filters for all types of synthetic, thermoplastic or projected products - membranes (for telephones, microphones, radio and television sets, loud-speakers, pumps) - screens for light ray diffraction - conveyor belts, dryers, dyeing and insulator manufacturing - drying racks - supporting and reinforcing fabrics - woven cloth silos (storage volumes from 3 to 550 m³) - ventilation and air-conditioning hoses for industrial premises - maintenance.

This is a non-exhaustive list of the industries we serve. Please do not hesitate to contact us.