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We manufacture the following flexible storage silos:
- silos from 1 to 500 m³ for low density products;
- silos from 2 to 25 m³ for powdered products.
We also make the frames and provide on-site assembly. Silos are designed for sectors such as insulation and polystyrene packaging, the plastics industries, agribusiness, etc...


The Know-how we have acquired over the 30 years has unable us to optimise our manufacturing process and ensure absolute reliability in this field.
We are able to answer to your requirements concerning storage of low or high density products :

Our silos for low-density products such as polyethylene and polystyrene pellets, are made with nylon or polyethylene fabrics that conduct static electricity and offer high mechanical resistance.

For powdered products (maximum density: 900 kg per m²), we use a high-strength Trevira fabric that can be static conductive or anti-static.

We produce these silos with square, rectangular or round sections to fit all types of customer architecture and layouts.

We can also supply the painted steel frames and assemble the complete system on your site in France or abroad. We have reference installations (silo and frame manufacture and on-site assembly) in France, and also in such countries as the Netherlands, Germany, and Poland.