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Custom making-up and treatment of high-precision engineering fabrics and felts for liquid filtration applications in a wide range of industries: agribusiness, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, paints, inks and colouring, cosmetics and laboratories, and metallic powders . Synthetic and metallic fabrics with calibrated mesh sold in cut lengths.


Monofilament synthetic woven cloth filter elements.
Mesh from 0.2 microns to 5 mm.

Eléments filtrants en toile synthétique
Filtre presse. Poche d'essoreuse
Filter press. Centrifuge bag.

The materials we use for liquid filtration are mono- and multi-filament, needle-punched felt in a range of fibres: polyester, polyamide, polypropylene, Teflon, glass, riton, Kevlar, and stainless steel.

These multifilament, monofilament and square-mesh or Dutch weave cloths are used in our filter bags, filter press plates, centrifuges, plates for agitator filters, belt or drum filters, etc.

Reps croisé inox
Stainless steel twilled Dutch weave

Eléments filtrant toile reps
Woven cloth filter elements

Poremet stainless steel composite materials: porosity 5 microns to 1 mm. Used mainly in agitator and candle filters. <b>Poremet</b> mat&eacute;riaux composites en toile