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Air filtration for ventilation – fan – extractor – filter media -
dust extraction and industrial depollution in sectors such as: agribusiness, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, paints, inks and colouring, cosmetics, laboratories, and metallic powders .


Our Lyon subsidiary specialises in air filtration.
DERESSY CHARLAS Company - Rue de Palverne - ZAC de Rosarges - 01700 LES ECHETS FRANCE
Tel: +33 (0)4 72 26 21 10 - Fax: +33 (0)4 72 26 21 11 - Contact: Hugues Letombe

At Deressy Charlas we offer a wide range of products for the depollution of working environments.

Air filtration
From standard filters to electrical cabinets, fan coils, paint booths... to absolute filtration in hospital environments, we offer a wide range of filter media (class EU1 to EU14). These media in synthetic or glass fibre take the form of panels, flat or folded cells, bags or pleating. They can be associated with active carbon cells in custom adaptations to ventilation housings.

We offer a complete range of industrial and domestic fans to match your specific ventilation environment. This includes: axial fans ranging from 50 m³ per hour to 80,000 m³ per hour, low, medium and high pressure centrifugal fans up to 380 mbar, chimney fans, smoke extraction 400°/2h, fireproof motors, and PVC and PPH fans.

Dust extraction and depollution
We offer a wide choice of equipment for the collection of pollutants around workstations. Manual, motorised or pneumatic dust extraction equipment, oil mist collectors with static or electrostatic filtration, welding machine smoke extractors, dust-extracting suction arms and tables, flexible PVC and polyurethane hoses, and measuring apparatus.