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Our products are used in a very wide range of industrial sectors.
All our products are custom-made on the basis of your models, plans or dimensions that we can measure on your company's site.


The food and drinks industry - the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries - the colouring, lacquer and paints industries - ore processing, separation and preparation - abrasives - air and gas filtration - drinking water and waste water filtration (on filter presses, and rotary belt filters) - filters for pumps, valves, carburettors - filters for hydraulic and pneumatic circuits - medical use (blood filters) - filters for all types of synthetic, thermoplastic or projected products - membranes (for telephones, microphones, radio and television sets, loud-speakers, pumps) - screens for light ray diffraction - conveyor belts, dryers, dyeing and insulator manufacturing - drying racks - supporting and reinforcing fabrics - cloth silos (storage volumes from 3 to 550 cubic metres;) - ventilation and air-conditioning hoses for industrial premises - maintenance.

This is a non-exhaustive list of the industries we supply. Please enquire for more information.