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Gas filtration - liquid filtration - screening - air filtration for ventilation - flexible silos


Gas filtration
Connections, connections for fluid bed dryers, felt or fabric bags for all types of hot or cold gases, clogging dusts or static electric producing dusts.

Synthetic and stainless steel woven cloths with calibrated mesh from 20 microns to 16 millimetres.
Cloth mounted on frame and tension-controlled, and resin or weld fixation.
Manufacture of filter candles for cylindrical screens. Supply of perforated stainless steel sheets.

Flexible fabrix storage silos
Manufacture of fabric silos with a volume of 1 to 500 m³ for low density products and fabric silos from 2 to 25 m³ for powdered products. Frames are supplied and assembled on site.

Liquid filtration
Supply and making-up of mono- and multifilament cloths for press, belt, drum and bag filters.
Woven metal fabric for Schenk, Niagara and other filters.

Air filtration for ventilation
Our DERESSY CHARLAS subsidiary specialises in industrial ventilation and dust extraction. Its services include advice and assistance in the selection and installation of ventilation materials.

Techno fabric
We offer a very wide range of high-precision techno fabrics and felts.